Smart Alarm System
Smart Alarm System
Smart App

What is Smart Alarm ?

Smart Alarm is a New generation of old fashion burglar Alarm and has many fantastic features. This kind of Alarm has the ability to Connect to your phone and Call or text message you if anything happens.

How This Alarm works ?

This kind of alarm is fully wireless and easy to set up with no worry about the mess and cabling hassle. Smart Alarm has WI-FI enabled and can get connected to your phone through the internet.

How to communicate with Smart Alarm ?

Smart Alarm has use friendy App designed for IOS and Android and you can Download it from App Store or Google Play and after configuring the app you can communicate with the alarm and change the settings remotely like ARMING / DISARMING.

HOW Much This Smart Alarm System Cost You ?

Cost of this Smart Alarm is variable and depends on how many Motion sensors /   Door Sensors / Keypad /and etc you want to set up. Basic Package start from £450 and you can call us on 074555955919 or send us a message with the contact form to get a free quotation

Smart Alarm system
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